Our customers’ time is vital to us and that is why we offer comprehensive rental management. If you entrust your real estate to us, then you can be sure that it will be handled with expert perfection. Rental management consists of several stages of a rental process, starting with photo documentation and proposal preparation and moving up to full rental administration. By entrusting your property to us you will receive an assurance that all formalities are dealt with and all the bills are paid. All these give you full comfort and protection of your interests.
Employment of a foreign worker or a several-month-long foreigner’s posting in Poland imposes a range of duties on the employer, including support in finding accommodation in a new environment. We facilitate the relocation procedure and allow employees to choose a place that suits them. For corporate clients, we have a comprehensive flat-for-employee rental service, which starts with a flathunting, and then continues through providing help with employees’ residence paperwork, up to picking them up from the airport and driving them to the selected flat. Our offers streamline the decision-making process and our detailed descriptions, photos and virtual tours are a guarantee that when employees finally arrive in Poland, nothing in their chosen flat will surprise them, apart from, perhaps, how well they already know it.
If you are choosing a bank and its mortgage offer, let our best experts help you. We will assist you in choosing an offer that suits your abilities and requirements, but we will also advise you on all the formalities. Our experts will answer all your questions on mortgage options and will explain to you all the details regarding interests, profit margins and favourable term of loan. Our dedicated specialists with years of experience in mortgage counselling will steer you out of risky situations.
We provide services of home staging. Interior designers and architects with whom we collaborate to guarantee that a new rearrangement will impress any potential client. Home staging helps you sell your property faster and receive a better price than if you rearrange it yourself. Our experience in real estate market tells us that well-designed flats enjoy much higher popularity and are therefore more likely to be sold than those premises that are not renovated. Try our home staging services, where our knowledge and the professionals with whom we collaborate are a guarantee of mutual satisfaction of a seller and a buyer.
In real life, refurbishment and redecoration take significantly more time than you have planned. To save you time, we offer comprehensive refurbishment and redecoration solutions provided by experts. We already collaborate with verified architects and reliable specialists in refurbishment and redecoration. Behind the services, we provide many years of experience on the real estate market - our offers are driven by the best technologies, reliable materials and most fashionable designs. We follow trends and make the property fit the profile of a client, their furniture and their living needs.
Regardless of whether the premises are meant to be your home or your company’s headquarters, we look after its interior with all due care. We know how important appropriate design is, selecting materials and colour schemes for the comfort of residents or employees. Leaving the space for us to design means that your property will be designed in accordance with your requirements. We collaborate with verified architects and specialists in interior design. We see the potential in each square metre and we want to unlock it to make your space attractive, comfortable and practical.

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